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Air Cargo Price Inquiry

Product Features

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note : This calculation is an average calculation for the General Cargo type. Air cargo prices vary rapidly. You can reach our company from 0(212)674 1787 to get the exact price.

note : Our company does not make personal shipments as an IATA official.

Air Cargo Price Request

Air cargo transportation, which is one of the most preferred and popular cargo transportation types today; It is a frequently preferred cargo transportation method because it is a more reliable, faster and traceable cargo type. Air cargo price calculation may vary from company to company. Factors such as air cargo prices, preferred company as well as air cargo volumetric weight calculations, cargo type are also determining factors in air cargo calculation.

What are the Air Cargo Pricing Types?

There are different types of air cargo pricing in air cargo freight calculation. These pricing types enable price determination for air cargo transportation.

TRF Logistics Team has extensive experience in maritime transport, working with Lines and Freight Agencies, and offering flexible and diverse solutions.

    General Freight Rate

  • While pricing air cargo according to the general cargo rate, there is no certain criterion for the products. Regardless of whether it is small or large, your cargo will be delivered. However, the low weight and size of your cargo may lead to an increase in the cargo cost.
  • Minimum Price

  • The very low weight and size of your cargo may be harmful for companies that carry out air cargo transportation activities. Therefore, air cargo companies determine a minimum price for the cargo to be transported by determining a lower limit. These limits may vary from company to company.
  • Type Ratio of Cargo

  • The most important determining criterion in air cargo pricing is the type of cargo. Dangerous goods cargoes, perishable cargoes or live cargoes are tariffed much higher than general cargo or textile cargoes due to their special transportation conditions.
  • Private Goods Ratio

  • Another policy that is similar to pricing according to the type of cargo is the special goods rate. At the rate of private goods, the quantity of the goods transported is prioritized, not the quality. The minimum weight to be shipped starts from 100 kg in pricing made according to the rate of special goods.
  • Volume Consolidation Ratio

  • The volume aggregation rate, which is one of the air cargo price calculation types, is valid for all cargo types. Applicable for prepackaged cargoes. The packaging must be of a certain size, and the cargoes must be of a similar size.
  • Rate Valid for All Cargo

  • Cargo pricing applicable to all cargoes; size, weight, type, etc. of all cargoes. It is not preferred much today because it is carried under the same condition without classification-discrimination. The differences in both quality and quantity of cargo are insignificant.

How does Air Cargo Price Inquiry work?

Performing air cargo volume calculation for your air cargo will allow you to have information about pricing. TR Freight&Logistics, the leading name of the sector and an organization with IATA authority; offers you a safe, fast and traceable cargo experience. The first thing you need to do to calculate freight online is; It is to select the price request tab available on the TR Freightline home page and then select the airport where the cargo is being processed, the country where the cargo will take place and the airport information from the air cargo price inquiry option. Then, you can complete the international air cargo price calculation process by entering the weight, quantity (number of parcels), width, height, height information in the product section and pressing the price query button.

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