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About Us

         In our country, TR Freight & Logistics has provided quality service for many years and joined the TR Group family in 2015. Continuing on its way as a TR Group brand as of 2015, TR Freight & Logistics has successfully provided services in Air & Sea & Land transportation in the sector for many years.

         TR Freight & Logistics, whose sector target has always been project transportation and special product transportation, has added value and gained a justified reputation in the sector by directing companies not only with transportation service but also with logistics and consultancy from the beginning to the end.

         As an IATA agency in air transport, TR Freight & Logistics serving as a Forwarder Agency in sea and land transportation. Especially in air transportation, it has received appreciation and support from many airline companies, especially THY. In addition, our company is a member of IATA, FIATA, UTIKAD and Cargo & Carriers, one of the leading companies in the logistics service industry.

         Today, Istanbul Centers, including Izmir, Bursa, Eskisehir, Antalya, Adana, Kayseri, Malatya, Adiyaman and Diyarbakir with our office that shows all activities in Turkey and imports - contained in our export activity, offers extensive business partner agency impeccable service to you with our network. The aim of TRF is to provide you with special procedures, especially your special products, without creating additional costs, in all your exports and imports. Our expert teams are experienced Engineers who have completed Logistics Management training, have DGR competence. It serves as the only Forwarder company that provides full support in your dangerous material and chemical shipments from packaging to labeling, from approved packaging supply to required exemption practices.

         TR Freight & Logistics, the dynamic company of the sector established with domestic funds, always keeps customer satisfaction first with its openness to innovation and development.