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Maritime Cargo Expedition Inquiry

With globalization, the world has become a global market place and trade networks that transcend local borders have been formed. There are many ways to engage in export and import activities on a global scale. One of these ways is maritime cargo transportation. There are many advantages of this type of cargo transportation, which is preferred for cargoes that will not be sent by air or land, or that will be delivered by sea, which will be faster and safer. Pricing for sea cargo transportation You can have information about the price of your sea cargo with sea freight calculation.

    Advantages of Maritime Cargo Transportation

  • • Large and heavy loads can be transported easily by sea freight.
  • • Sea cargo transportation is more economical than other cargo methods.
  • • Since the transported loads are carried in the container, there are no negative situations such as damage or loss of value.
  • • The fastest and cheapest cargo transportation method for intercontinental cargo transportation is maritime cargo transportation. It saves both time and money.
  • • It is the most ideal cargo transportation method especially for dry cargo transportation.
  • • Customs procedures in maritime cargo transportation are completed in a short time.

    Factors Affecting Maritime Cargo Pricing

    Sea freight prices vary from company to company to which cargo will be sent. In addition, the factors that determine freight pricing can be listed as follows:

    Volume and Weight
  • One of the biggest determining factors in sea freight prices is the volume and weight of the cargo. In addition, whether the cargo that is shipped fills a container is also an important factor for pricing.
  • Route
  • In maritime cargo pricing, route freight is another factor affecting cost. On a route that is intense in terms of exports, the freight cost may be lower as a competitive environment may occur between companies.
  • Container Type and Features
  • The cargoes to be transported by seaway cargo method are transported in containers. The types and characteristics of the preferred containers for the cargoes to be transported are an important factor in freight calculation. In addition to differing in the calculation according to their size, containers have various features such as having a cooling feature and being suitable for the transportation of live animals.
  • Transport Time
  • The time elapsed from the departure point to the arrival point of the cargo is called transit time or transit time. An increase in transit time means an increase in cost.

How does the Sea Cargo Expedition Inquiry work?

It is important to prefer to get service from reliable companies while getting freight service. You can experience fast and reliable maritime cargo by getting sea freight service from TR Freight & Logistics, which is the leading name of the sector and serves as a Forwarder Agency. To make a sea cargo voyage inquiry, first select the price request option on the main page and then the sea cargo option. You can perform the voyage inquiry by entering the departure port, destination country and destination port information in the "Sea Cargo Expedition Inquiry" section on the page that opens later, and clicking the voyage query button.