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TR Freight & Logistics, whose sector target is always project transportation and special product transportation, it has added value and gained a well-deserved reputation in the sector by guiding the companies not only with the transportation service but also with logistics and consultancy from the beginning to the end.

As an IATA agency in air transport, TR Freight & Logistics, serving as a Forwarder Agency in sea and land transportation, has received appreciation and support from many airline companies, especially TYH, in air transportation. In addition, our company is a member of IATA, FIATA, UTIKAD and WCA DG, which are among the leading companies in the logistics service sector.

Packaging and Labeling

Our staff, who are specialized in Dangerous - Non-hazardous product packaging and special marking processes, always support you.

Safety and Quality

Effective and meticulous studies are carried out with 100% satisfaction rule to protect customer products and prestige.

Environmental Protection

Environmentally friendly and protective policies are followed by using environmentally friendly technologies.

On Time Delivery

Special attention is offered to the company by standing behind the promise it has made within the planning and by following the work it has done meticulously.

About Us Freight & Logistics

In our country, TR Freight & Logistics has provided quality service for many years and joined the TR Group family in 2015. Continuing on its way as a TR Group brand as of 2015, TR Freight & Logistics has successfully provided services in Air & Sea & Land transportation in the sector for many years.

TR Freight & Logistics, whose sector target is always project transportation and special product transportation, It added value by directing companies not only with transportation service but also with logistics and consultancy from the beginning to the end and gained a justified recognition in the sector.

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Air Transport

What Makes Us Special ? Our Services

Packing & Labelling

We provide full support to you with free consultancy and information sharing in packaging and labeling processes in special product operations.

Safe and Quality Transportation

We carry your products and your reputation with care, knowing that your exports are a source of pride not only for you but also for our country.

Environmental And Sensitive Approach

We move forward with environmentally friendly and protective policies by using environmentally friendly technologies.

Our Branches

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Worldwide Customers

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Countries We Have Network

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You Are Curious About Frequently Asked Questions

Is Air Cargo Safe?

Air cargo; It is a type of cargo with less problems than land and sea shipments. Even though the prices are a little higher, it's urgent, offers companies great convenience in fast and valuable shipments.

I Will Do Air Cargo, With Whom Can I Work?

Air Cargo reservations and organizations are made only by IATA authorized institutions. The most important issue for the customer is whether the logistics company she chooses has IATA authorization. You can get the opportunity to work first hand at much more affordable prices from an IATA authorized company. As TRF, we are also IATA authorized air cargo agency.

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Fuar Taşımacılığı Nedir?

Fuar, uluslararası ticareti geliştirmek için en önemli unsurlardan birisidir. Fuar taşımacılığı ise sergilenecek ürünlerin nakliye işlemini içerir.

Tehlikeli Madde Yönetimi & DGM Nedir?

DGM (Tehlikeli Mal Yönetimi),  tehlikeli malların ve tehlikeli maddelerin taşınması, elleçlenmesi, etiket ve işaretleme vb. süreçleri kapsayan yüksek kaliteli ve personellere eğitim  sağlayan bir sistemler bütünüdür.

İthalat Nedir? İhracat Nedir?

İthalat (İmport) nedir? İhracat (Export) nedir? Ne demek gibi Merak edilen soruları cevapladığımız blog yazımızı okumak için tıklayın!


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